Dennis Cahill

Mr. Cahill is CEO of ThinkDirect Marketing Group. He is also a member of the Investment Committee of Blackstreet Capital Partners since the fund’s inception in 2003. From 2003 to 2008, Mr. Cahill was also Executive Chairman of Signal Perfection, Ltd. (SPL), the nation’s second largest audio, video and videoconferencing firm in which he co-invested along with private equity firm Boston Ventures. In 2008, when SPL merged with Audio Visual Innovations (AVI) and sold majority control to Silverlake Capital Partners, Mr. Cahill became a Director of the merged firm AVI-SPL, and continues to be a minority shareholder. Prior to 2003, Mr. Cahill served as Executive Vice President-CFO and shareholder of privately-held Dental Benefit Providers (DBP), the nation’s fifth largest dental insurance company. DBP sold majority control of the company to United Healthcare (UHC:NYSE) in 1999. Dennis Cahill remained a part of the Executive team through late 2002 when they sold their remaining ownership of DBP to United Heathcare. Mr. Cahill is a former Director of Florida Tile, Inc. and DENEX, Inc., and is the former Executive Chairman of American Combustion Industries, Inc. (ACI).